frequently asked questions

what are your opening hours?

we can be contacted at any time by email and we will respond as soon as possible. the phone is manned during normal office hours of 9am to 5pm.

what file size can your drop site upload?

a maximum of 32mb from a desktop or laptop pc. it is possible to upload from mobile devices but we would not recommend trying to upload 32mb files from such devices

what is your quality checking process?

every single document is sample quality checked by a dedicated member of the team. court and other legal documents are 100% quality checked. all time stamps are reviewed by the quality assurance team member.

how is work delivered back to me?

by email to the address or addresses specified.

what are the digital file formats you classify as standard?

all standard voice formats are acceptable without conversion, for example, DSS, WAV, WMA, MP3, MP4 for use with our transcription software. other formats are acceptable, however, we have to convert using specific software programmes.

what does real-time audio file conversion mean?

the conversions of file formats to standard form are managed on a real-time basis; this monitoring and management process is charged for.

do you provide any digital recording equipment?

yes, for one-off research projects and for conferences / meetings, we are often able to provide high quality Olympus digital recorders or conference recording kit. we ask for insurance to be provided to cover the cost of loss or damage and for the equipment to be returned in the condition it was received, including any instructions and boxes provided. postage and packing will be charged for.

how do you deal with multiple speakers?

we ask clients to introduce each member of the panel at the beginning of the recording, so we have a sound check of their voices. this aids us in identifying them throughout the remainder of the recording. we then denote them by a speaker key at the start of the transcription – please refer to standard templates for more information.

how do I pay you?

the payment terms are clearly specified on the invoice. we prefer payment by bacs and the account information is also on our invoice. alternatively, please pay by cheques made payable to read shepley limited.

what if I have a query about my invoice?

we aim to make all information as clearly specified as possible on our invoices, including file names and recorded minutes managed. however, in the event you have a query, please email or phone us  on 01342 580 106.

do you use third party suppliers to manage the work?

no we do not use third party suppliers. all read shepley’s team members are carefully selected, trained, monitored and contracted with directly. they sign a contract for services which includes conditions relating to confidentiality and security, a copy of which is available on demand.