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transcription services



transcription services

use our transcription services to convert all your standard digital audio files onto your chosen template or our standard templates in three easy steps:

  • send the file with your instructions and contact information via our drop site or if a file under 10mb, email it to us.
  • we will sample check the file, confirm receipt and estimated time of return.
  • we will return your work with our invoice.

standard templates

digital dictation

all our digital dictation services include time stamping – this means that if we cannot make out what is being said, we will put the time of the recording in red font at the relevant place within the transcript. you can then find this place in the recording quickly and easily.

all standard digital dictation formats are acceptable without conversion, for example, DSS, WAV, WMA, MP3, MP4 for use with our transcription software. other formats are acceptable, however, we have to convert using specific software programmes.

we have the capability to transcribe from files produced from non-standard voice recording devices and analogue dictation methods. we will confirm the charge for this at the time of quote.

digital files can be sent to us via our drop site or can be sent to us by email.

copy typing

we will produce your document directly onto your template or just produce a plain text copy for you to paste onto your preferred template later. our expert team can add graphics, tables, insert photographs, pictures, spreadsheets and much more. just let us know what you need and we will aim to produce the finish you require.

proof reading and editing
includes editing of all text to improve grammar, tense and word flow, keeping the accuracy of intention and ensuring consistency of the document layout and look. in addition, we offer proof reading and editing.

data entry

special items of administration such as:

  • directories
  • inventories
  • customer records
  • spreadsheets
  • catalogues
  • mail merge

presentation material and other structured formats
using standard or existing templates:

  • slides
  • forms
  • charts
  • tables
  • curriculum vitaes and resumes
  • brochures
  • booklets

  • leaflets
  • tenders
  • proposals
  • additional services – proof reading, supplier management
  • planning workshops -preparation, facilitation and write-up

meeting management

business meetings and conference: slide development; agenda production; compiling handouts; managing minutes; flip chart transcription; pre and post-conference materials; conference recordings; podcasts.

sending materials to us
if you need to send any materials to us, please call us on 0333 003 0676 for details.  we will return all your source materials by courier or post, as requested; please note, we will charge for postage and packing.

other administration support work
in addition to our transcription services, we also welcome new challenges that don’t currently form part of our standard proposition.  we would be delighted to discuss any ideas or suggestions you may have.  read shepley is able to offer pricing programs that reflect high volume and/or long-term partnerships. we will also actively support the move to the digital medium by providing machines for commitment to certain levels of business per week.

confidentiality is at the heart of our typing and transcription services – we operate within the recommendations of data protection act and treat all supplied information, data and audio files in the highest sensitivity and discretion. we have our own confidentiality agreements with all our team members and are happy to sign standard confidentiality agreements supplied by you. for more information please see a copy of our standard terms and conditions below. we do not share any client information to third parties.

Registered with the Information Commissioners Office

file security
all files are destroyed after 30 days unless we agree to store the files for longer or shorter periods. we do send all file back via standard email, non-encrypted. However, we can embed encryption into the documents if required.

quotes for our transcription services are valid until 5pm on the date of issue and subject to survey of the audio files if applicable. we reserve the right to cancel orders if recording quality is poor or if other information comes to light that was not previously known that impacts the rates quoted.

verbatim options

  • standard style: as dictated but excluding the repetitions and redundancies e.g. ums and errs, you know, sort of, like, incomplete sentence starts and similar. the rates quoted on this website are based upon this standard transcription style.
  • grammar and tense editing: will change inconsistent tenses and grammar to improve word flow and text quality particularly useful for court documents or formal reports and letters etc.  please ask for a quote for this style via quick quote form
  • comprehensive transcription: transcription completed word-for-word, including repetitions and redundancies and typed as spoken; particularly useful for research interviews, marketing focus groups and similar. we can include interruptions such as the phone ringing, expressive linguistics, for example, laughing, overtalking, pauses. please ask for a quote for this style via our quick quote form.

do you need a service not described in the overview of our transcription services? call us on 0333 003 0676 to discuss.